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You used my music :D

Cool movie, I liked your wacky sense of humor.



Randomly the best flash on Newgrounds.

Nice animation.

I wish you had used Mozart's Requiem (K 262) because the music was really crappy sounding.

PS: Lookie what I've memorized.
Requiem eternam dona eis, Domine; Et lux perpetua luceat es.

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Good start

Do you need an artist? Contact me: thesomeone[at]gmail[dot]com

Nice art!

However I disagree with your theory about stick figures. I dont want to be pompous, but as a proffesional artist I have found the stick figure to be so limiting. I never use it, yet my art is always perfectly proportional. Maybe it's because I draw mostly portraits, but I find the true talent of an artist is to be able to draw without tiresome stickfigures.

PureCarnage responds:

The idea behind the stick figure is to help with dynamic figure drawing, from it you can measure out porportions and dynamics without comitting too much time.

Try going to a full figure with out creating a guide, they will become noticably out of porportion.

In the end though, stick with that works for you, most professional animators and figure drawers use the stick figure as the start of all motion drawings.


Using an electric toothbrush helps. i got 150 guys : )

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I really enjoyed it.

It's a fun little piece. Reminiscent of CPE Backs' solfegietto. It's pretty basic and simple, but it sounds quite nice.

There's one thing you definetly need to work on a li ttle bit, and that's transitions between themes. I recommend looking at piano music from the classical period (and strictly from that period) particularely Mozart as he does some amazing stuff with transitions.

One last thing that young composers rarely pay attention to (when they really really should) : dynamics. Not enough of them right now...

With best intentions, Count.

killtony999 responds:

Thanks for reviewing.....
Ya the transitions are pretty choppy here I know but the transition between the first two movements was intentionally sudden, it keeps with pace of the two movements and I think it has a nice 'umph' should I say..... But ya the other two need work. But to think that I could do anything like Mozart is madness!!!!!.....About the dynamics - They are minimal because this specific recording is MIDI, I have played the piece myself but I never could record it well. The only dynamics is within the voices, the bass and soprano as normal are emphasized, there arent any as of now beteween dominant and tonic chords and such..... I am taking your advice into consideration so thank you
Glad you liked.....

It's good...

But not quite good enough.

For one, it's quite boring because there is no variation in dynamics, and the rythmic and melodic patterns are too similar throughout.

Also, I think you need a better soundfont. Are you using sibelius? If you can get your hands on the sound library called "Garritan" that would do loads to improve the quality.

It sounds good to the ears, but that's not enough in music. It needs that special something. I think if you varied volumes and dynamics and threw in a minor theme it would do loads to it.

With best intentions, Count.

SuperTonic64 responds:

Thank you for your review! ^_^

Your absolutely right though. For a while now, I've been more focused on the music than the dynamics, but the dynamics is what makes music interesting. I'll do my best next time to include more ebb and flow in my music!

I use Finale, then I turn what I use into a MIDI and use FLstudio to reorchestrate the MIDI (and turning it into a MP3 file.)

Thank you so much! I can't wait to try your suggestions! :)

Luved it :D

Very smooth, reminds me of french rap beats, particulary MC Solaar and MANAU. It's good to see some smooth stuff hidden behind today's loud obnoxious music.

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